I Don’t Recognize a Charge On My Account OR I May Have Accidentally Been Charged Twice.

It is possible that the confusion could be a result of the bundling of charges. Information on bundling can be found here in the section above. 

If, after reviewing the bundling, you still do not recognize the charges, contact our Support team by either using the Give Us Feedback tab on your app or e-mailing chopt@thelevelup.com. Please include the following information:

  •          Date, amount and location of unauthorized charge
  •          Best phone number to reach you with other questions

We'll contact you ASAP.

As an added precaution, you have the option of deactivating your device. To do so:

1       Log into your account at www.thelevelup.com

2       Click on Deactivate

3          Select the app you’d like to deactivate by clicking Deactivate.

This will reset your Chop’t barcode and log out of your account on all devices. To access your new barcode, you’ll have to log into the app again.

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