What If I Lose My Phone?

No problem. If you have a saved e-mail receipt, click on “Transaction not familiar? Get immediate help.” From there you can send an email to chopt@thelevelup.com, requesting assistance deactivating your devices. If you do not have an e-mail receipt, all you need to do is deactivate your devices and the QR code on your app will no longer work.

To deactivate your device:

1       Log into your account at www.thelevelup.com.

2       Click on Deactivate

3       Select the app you’d like to deactivate by clicking Deactivate.

This will reset your Chop’t barcode and log out of your account on all devices. To access your new barcode, you’ll have to log into the app again. Don’t forget to download the app again when you get your phone back or get a new phone!

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